Fifteen Second Guitar Lessons

James Lenger has the essence of speed, down. He is a Team USA triathlete, a modern pentathlon, and can teach you how to play a song on the guitar in fifteen seconds! Now, many of you may be asking yourselves, “How is it possible to learn a song on the guitar in only fifteen seconds?” […]

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MusiKAE Studio Joins YouTube!

Check out our first YouTube video! Welcome to MusiKAE Studio! MusiKAE Studio is a blog where talented musicians from all around the world are promoted. We share your music with the public. FIND YOUR SOUND. BE DISCOVERED. MusiKAE Studio encourages each musician out there to put their music on YouTube. We don’t just mean one […]

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The Apollo Affair

It’s that time again! Put your reading glasses on, and your earphones in because The Apollo Affair is ready to be heard! The duo is comprised of guitarist Chris Shanafelt, and vocalist Megan Mehl. The two met in the fall of 2010 at Carthage College in Kenosha, Wisconsin while studying classical music performance. Since 2005, […]

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Martin Bresque (WYREK)

Martin Bresque, also known as WYREK, is an aspiring eighteen year old Electronic Dance Music (EDM) Producer from Florida, Uruguay! Many of you may be wondering what Electronic Dance music is, and I would be wondering what rock you have been hiding under, ha! EDM is a set a percussive electronic music genres, and is […]

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Matt Trost

Have you heard of Matt Trost? Well, soon you will know exactly who this talented man is. Matt is an aspiring singer/songwriter, and is very passionate about music. As a Sophomore in high school he was the lead singer in a Blink-182 cover band. Later on in his high school career, he was in a […]

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The Curtis Mayflower

The band The Curtis Mayflower consists of members Pete Aleksi, Duncan Arsenault, Jeremy Moses Curtis, Brooks Milgate, and Craig Rawding. These five musicians formed their rock band in 2013, and have blessed the Internet with their musical talent. Check out their self released EP┬áLive At The Dive and their debut album Everything Beautiful Is Under […]

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